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When it comes to selecting a financial advisor, choose a local firm

All PDXFAN financial planners live in the greater Portland, Oregon, area. We operate our businesses here, raise our families here, and participate actively in our communities here. Consequently, we know and love this region and understand its wonderful benefits and unique challenges.

Because we are small, independent, fee-only firms, you will work directly with your advisor, discussing your objectives and planning your strategies. In contrast, at most brokerage firms, investment advice and financial planning are prepared by staff members, often completely removed from the broker you meet with. We are not under any pressure to maximize profit at the expense of our clients. And no corporate political agenda, bureaucracy or outside pressure colors our recommendations and advice.

We’ve developed high levels of skill, knowledge and professional certification

Because each of us is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional or CFP® candidate, you can be sure that we have achieved a high standard of professional education, adhere to a stringent code of conduct and standards of practice, and are committed to strict ethical requirements governing professional engagement with our clients.

We have also developed strong expertise in investment, tax and retirement planning, which gives us the knowledge necessary to help you make the wisest choices for your long-term investments.

Our clients are not just names and numbers to us, but real people

We meet with our clients face-to-face, run into them at community events, and often get to know their families.

The better we know our clients, the more effective financial counselors and planners we become. Over time, we develop a personal relationship with each other that is based on trust, honesty and outstanding results.

All of these characteristics set us apart from our competitors–not only from major brokerage firms and investment companies but also from other independent financial advisors.